MEDUSATEAM is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio. We loveart direction, motion, interactive design and illustration. Design for us isnot just a plains results, but a search for a unique experience. Welcome toour studio, have a good time and enjoy it!
 What we do.
 Graphic Design / Art Direction / Illustration 
 Logotypes & Corporate Identity
 Merchandise & Clothing print artwork
 Poster design
 Publicity Campaings
 Cd covers & Vinyl design
 3d modeling & Typography
 Promotional material
 Graphic showcase
 Web Design / Web Production 
 Graphic design
 As2 & As3 programming
 Interface design
 Papervison 3d
 Interactive animation
 CSS programming
 XHTML programming
 Back end - cms
 Php programming
 Online campaings
 Motion Graphics / Video Production 
 Video edition
 Sounds fx
 Motion design
 Video Composition
 Stop motion
 Medusateam Studio.
Equipo Medusateam
 The history begins... 
MEDUSA TEAM is a multidisciplinar design studio borned in Lleida, 2005. Founded by Eduard Mateo and Jordi Oró. It's just at that moment that the history begins.
 Multidisciplinary Design Studio 
The team comes up complete with some specialized profiles. There are six people in all, with an only philosophy and motivation: "turning our passion into our job", with the aim of communicating and forecast the needs of each client taking allways care of those details that make  projects become successful.
 Books & Magazines.
Select Europe,  (2010,  Index Book)
Select I,  (2010,  Index Book)
Arte y Diseño Magazine, Interview Nº123,  (2009,  MC Ediciones)
Creative Agencies Awards,  (2009,  Creative)
Logo Design Vol 2,  (2009,  Taschen)
One Day, Book by Emil Kozak,  (2009,  Index Book)
Select H,  (2009,  Index Book)
Web Design Navigation,  (2009,  Taschen)
Select G,  (2008,  Index Book)
Web Design Flashfolios,  (2008,  Taschen)
Web Design Index,  (2008,  Pepin Press)
Arte y Diseño Magazine, nº97,  (2007,  MC Ediciones)
Web Design Content,  (2007,  Pepin Press)
Net Magazine,  (2006,  Future London Edition)
Revers Magazine,  (2006,  Vincles)
Zoom in Zoom Out,  (2006,  Victionary)
Web Design Portfolios,  (2005,  Taschen)
Around Europe Logos,  (2004,  Indexbook)
 We have worked to.
Ais Spain
Ajuntament de Lleida
Batlle Group
Carolina Herrera
Community tv
DDB Barcelona
Deborah Milano
Diari Sport
Doble You
Eaton Moeller
El periódico de Catalunya
Etnia Barcelona
Grand Groove
Great works
Grimey clothing
Grupo Z
La Caixa
Media Contacts
Montana Colors
Nomad skateboards
Oink digital
Santa marta
Schneider electric
Seis Grados
Sony Ericsson
Swing Swing
 Contact us.  
 Job Opportunities.  
 Show Reel.
Showreel 09
Client: Medusateam
Show ReelPermalinkNovember 2009
Social Energy
  Social Energy  (motion)  
Roca Novelties 2012
  Roca Sanitario  (website)  
Adidas Matchball Carrier
Movistar Fibra Óptica
  DDB Madrid  (website)  
LS2 Helmets
  LS2 Helmets  (website)  
Knight Rider
  Nightcrawler  (graphic)  
Selected Logos
  Varios  (graphic)  
Corte Ingles
  The Fact  (website)  
Charms Collection
  Larsson Duprez  (website)  
Volkswagen Golf
  DDB Barcelona  (website)  
Poster Series
  Vestron  (graphic)  
Casual Jobs
  One Device  (website)  
80'S Tribute Logos
  self promotion  (graphic)  
General Optica
  Wunderman  (website)  
Roca Love Planet
  Roca Sanitario  (website)  
Nightcrawler Bassferatu
  Nightcrawler  (graphic)  
OCB Black thinking
  Road  (website)  
Baetulona Expo
  Self Promotion  (graphic)  
Fresh Eyewear
  Grove Opticians  (graphic)  
Nivea Plaza
  The Fact  (website)  
Wedding Card
  Self promotion  (graphic)  
Vida + Ligera
  AIS Spain  (website)  
LaCaixa Agenda'09
  DDB Barcelona  (graphic)  
Walking in Berlin
  Lamono Magazine  (graphic)  
Atelier Paris
  Publicis Paris  (motion)  
Volkswagen Interactives
  DDB Barcelona  (motion)  
Grove Opticians
  Grove Opticians  (website)  
Anatomical Diagrams
  Self promotion  (graphic)  
Nightcrawler Occult series
  Marathon Beat  (graphic)  
Polaroid Land
  Self Promotion  (graphic)  
BBC Entertainment
  Studio Plus 44  (website)  
Satisfied Customers
  DDB Barcelona  (motion)  
Diari Sport
  Community  (website)  
Salut Integral
  CMI  (website)  
Pipas G Grefusa
  Ais Spain  (branding)  
  Gonzalo Abogados  (website)  
Iler Party
  Ilerparty  (website)  
Colacao Xtreme games
  Ais Spain  (branding)  
el Periódico
  Community  (website)  
Camper Crafts
  Swing Swing  (website)  
Zara & MTV
  Great Works  (website)  
Spectral Theory
  Dihedral  (graphic)  
Unicorn Chronicles
  Chic lounge  (graphic)  
Sona el Poal
  Sona el Poal   (graphic)  
Grand Groove
  Grand Groove  (graphic)  
Ladies Garden
  Self promotion  (branding)  
Honda Civic
  Villarrosàs  (graphic)  
Nocilla and Play
  AIS Spain  (website)  
Selected Tee Shirts
  Grimey  (graphic)  
Biologic Surfaces
  Self promotion  (graphic)  
AIB Event
  Ais Spain  (graphic)  
La Caixa Nueva cuenta
  Evil love  (website)  
Volkswagen Blue Motion
  DDB Barcelona  (motion)  
My Vueling
  Coffe Pot  (motion)  
  Quios  (illustration)  
Eaton Moeller
  Xtranet  (website)  
Vinyl Love
  Self Promotion  (graphic)  
Life After Dead
  Self promotion  (graphic)  
Infamous Clothing
  Grimey  (graphic)  
Gayubo Jewels
  Swing Swing  (website)  
Haunted Darkness
  Self promotion  (graphic)  
Innova Designers
Oliveras Sanz
  Oliveras Sanz  (website)  
Mafia Series
  Nomadskateboards  (branding)  
Etnia Barcelona
  Etnia Barcelona  (website)  
  Shackleton Group  (website)  
I Will Glam
  Great Works  (motion)  
Totally Kood
  Self Promotion  (branding)  
Medusateam Branding
  Self promotion  (illustration)  
Mini World
  Mini / Noguera Pinyol  (website)  
Volkswagen Eos
  DDB Barcelona  (motion)  
Show Reel
  Self promotion  (motion)  
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